WangScript v5.3 Pro for mIRC released!a

WangScript v5.3 Pro for mIRC 6.12+ has been released. For those that don’t know, it is a mIRC script to completely alter your IRC experience, and provide you with many new and useful features.

Updates in this version are mainly bug fixes and alterations to provide compatability with the latest mIRC versions. Get it today!


Trillian Recovery Pro released!c

Trillian Recovery Pro is a program to decrypt and display passwords stored by the award-winning, multi-network Trillian Instant Messaging client.

Trillian Recovery Pro will examine the Trillian data files on your PC and recovers all of your ICQ, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, and AOL IM passwords, displaying them to you in plaintext. This is ideal for finding lost passwords.


Hack FAQ Volume 9 Released!v

Wang Hack FAQ Volume 9 has finally been released. The faqs’s cover a range of up to date hacking/security/internet questions that you asked to be covered.

This volume I explain a number of hot topics at the moment, including “Hacking Web-based Email”, “What are SUID Binaries and why are they dangerous?”, and “Decrypting Trillian Passwords” to name a few. Check it out!


Access Granted for Access XP!s

Access Granted has been updated with support to recover passwords for Microsoft Access XP databases, as well as Access 97 and Access 2000 databases. This has been a popular requested addition, and I am pleased to now offer the program available for download.

Access Granted can recover your lost database passwords in a matter of seconds. This is not a brute force encryption scheme, and therefore passwords are recovered extremely quickly.