The Best Place To Buy A Skypod Roof Lantern Skylight

The Perfect Skypod Roof Lantern Skylight

When building or designing your own home think about installing a Skypod roof lantern skylight; updating your kitchen extension or adding a new kitchen extension; or if you want more light into your loft or attic conversion – in fact, anywhere that you have a flat roof. The absolute best and most affordable way of achieving a stylish home filled with floods of natural light is to add a Skypod or Roof Lantern.

The Slight Differences between Skypods and Roof Lanterns

Skypods and Roof Lanterns are very similar in that both offer a very stylish solution to filling very dark and dismal spaces with natural and illuminating light, and, in that, they both need to be located on a flat roof. However, a Skypod is always only available in UPVC whereas Roof Lanterns are available in engineered in aluminium.

A New Window Design

The Skypod is the perfect choice if you are looking to add height and light to the smallest or largest of rooms. The versatility of UPVC in window construction means that there is a great variation in sizes available, which actually means that there are very few homes that a Skypod cannot be fitted in.

The great benefits of Skypods:

• Made from UPVC which is low maintenance and durable
• Very energy efficient
• Great range of varying sizes

Roof Lanterns benefits

Roof Lanterns are designed to ensure entry of the maximum amount of natural light but also to ensure the maximum amount of heat is retained inside the room.  A Skypod roof lantern skylight is engineered from aluminium, in such a way, that it is designed to keep the cold air from outside mixing with the warm air from inside. Thus, ensuring a perfect temperature in any room – be it winter or summer. Roof Lanterns are also aesthetically very pleasing and also very strong due to the aluminium’s engineering.

Skypod Roof Lantern Skylight


The great benefits of Glass Roof Lanterns:

• Made from stylish, strong and durable aluminium
• Tiny frame widths to ensure maximum glass coverage area
• Very energy efficient
• Aesthetically very pleasing

Which to choose? Skypod or Roof Lanterns?

Which one to choose depends entirely on the job you are doing. For instance; if you are building a kitchen extension then you may want to use a glass roof lantern because it is a little more aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are building a garden type room you may want to choose a Skypod because it is better suited to a room that is used less in the winter than in the summer. Also, if you have a very small room that you want to add a Skypod or a glass roof lantern into; let us say for instance a very dark porch on the side of your house. Once again, you are probably better to opt for a Skypod; this is because the Skypod comes in a lot more varying sizes, which will cater for small room sizes.


Of course, there are also a lot of other considerations to take into account when choosing either a Skypod or Roof Lanterns, such as; cost and design and planning laws, as well as, of course, your own personal preferences. Whichever you choose, both designs will ensure a home filled with gorgeous natural light in the places you need it most.

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